Process Communication Model® Testimonials

MUSE School

Rebecca Amis
Co-Founder and President

The process communication model is a way of life. on any given day, I am using PCM in all of my interactions whether personal or professional. i love teaching and promoting it at the MUSE high school as it gives these young people a whole new approach to their peers, families and teachers. at the end of the day, PCM has changed my life!

Soyuz TMA 8 - ISS Expedition 13 – 2006

Marcos Pontes
Astronaut & Cosmonaut

The Process Communication Model is a powerful tool for various activities. Throughout my career as a pilot and astronaut, my life has always been literally in the hands of my team. Having a tool like PCM allows a great communication efficiency, which is one of critical points for working with a team.

MUSE School

Suzy Amis Cameron
Founder and Board Chair

Having the tools of PCM is a total Game Changer! I use it every day with my family. and, with a house full of teenagers it comes in very handy! I also use it with friends and every aspect of my work from one-on-one meetings to group meetings to speeches to marketing.  And lastly, I am hyper aware of my distress sequence which is so helpful with radical self care!

GM Financial

Chris Burt, SPHR, SCP
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Highly recommend! My senior team recently completed a workshop with Dave on the Process Communication Model (PCM). HR Leaders can be a skeptical lot, especially as it relates to profiles, leadership, and communication (things we typically regard ourselves as being good at). However, this program opened up some doors for us that far exceeded our expectations.

The work and post training results that we realized through our PCM training with Dave, was the most beneficial personal and professional development investment we made in our senior leadership team during my tenure as Chief Human Re-sources Officer at GM Financial! PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there. It has become a part of the language of our organization.

When I was considering to invest in this training my major barrier was,….how do I get my senior staff away from their jobs for three days!? My senior staff are geo-graphically dispersed, incredibly busy, and the associated costs in pulling it off. However, after the completion of this training it is an investment that "hands down" I would invest in again!

Through this investment the team was able to blow through roadblocks that had inhibited higher levels of productivity, healthy conflict, achieving meaningful strategic outcomes, and undertaking creative redesign of our way of "thinking".

What I liked most about working with Dave is that he brings instant operational credibility to the application of human behavior from his extensive leadership experience in high risk, high tempo environments. He has the unique ability to apply the concepts such that they have direct and immediate application in our world.

I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level!


Katherine Sarafian
Producer and Certified PCM Trainer

My PCM experience was hugely useful in helping me manage the film making journey over six years. It's been such a valuable tool!

Adult, Child and Family Counseling

Matthew Gallagher, LCPC

In this past year of using Process Therapy Model with my clients in psychotherapy I have been amazed by its transformational power to de-escalate conflict and facilitate insight. Kahler’s research-based approach offers a unique opportunity to know and accept our authentic self and accelerates treatment by pointing to the most relevant issues of distress. Not only is the information critically important for treatment planning, but I want everyone I serve to know exactly how they can be kind to themselves and those they love.

Avaya Company

Franck Issan
Account Manager

I attended a Process Communication seminar and gathered precious advice. In my job, it is essential to maintain extended relationships with our 'Key accounts' and to listen to my contacts in these companies. I know it is frequently said yet it is true, why communication is not taught in schools! I discovered that attending to people's psychological needs is key to maintaining an extended relationship with my customers and contacts. In practice I have found that with a Thinker base or phase customer I show on my enthusiasm for his competencies and when I have to deal with a bad debtor who seems to have a Persister base or phase I highlight that for me trust is an important value in a relationship.

Pacific Bell Telephone Company

Karen Jennings
Industry relations Manager

The personality pattern inventory was right on target as far as my management strengths and weaknesses and I feel (Oh-Oh my Harmonizer is showing) that this insight will be very useful.

Nambour General Hospital, Australia.

Dr. Ratna Aseervatham
Director, Surgical Service Group

The importance of communication in all parts of life is well understood and accepted, and there is a myriad of courses providing insights into how to communicate better. PCM offers the usual benefits of communication courses, but the critical difference is the knowledge and framework provided allows a much more intuitive, real-time adaptation of communication to suit the situation and audience. The focus on understanding oneself first is a very important distinction that leads to a better appreciation of our own needs, and this in turn changes the nature of our responses to those around us – resulting in a more tolerant, constructive and empathetic communication style that becomes contagious. In arguably one of the most complex, rapidly changing and high-risk environments possible, PCM has revolutionised the way teams are interacting within our busy Surgical Department.

Aviko , Germany

Alexandra Schwänzl

The quality of our life and work together with our employees on a daily basis has been fundamentally changed and significantly improved. Through PCM we have established an open, healthy and appreciative level of communication from the management through the supervisors and to the machine operators. PCM has changed our way of communicating to such an extent that even our parent company has noticed it! PCM will hence soon be part of the standards in management – for the executives and team leaders- in our plants all over the world! Communication without misundertandings can be so easy!

PCM has now become an essential tool in our interactions with people and an asset to everyone who wants to “open doors”! Good communication equals success! Our special thanks are due to Rainer Musselmann who has supported us on this way and has responded to our requirements with a lot of patience and good intuition! We owe him, that people in our company use their elevator a lot and that we have understood on which level to meet our counterpart! Each manager should have this knowledge in order to perform valuable leadership!


Alice Aram
Head of Customer Success

I had a lot of pre-conceived ideas about what the Process Communication model would entail, but was incredibly surprised at how enjoyable and interesting the sessions were. To learn more about my own personality type and that of my wider team felt like a lightbulb moment at times and something that was far more accurate than I'd initially expected.

Learning about my distress sequences was of particular use, and amusing to identify them in myself as I played a game of tennis with my team afterwards. Jerome was vibrant, engaging and a pleasure to be around.

I would wholeheartedly recommend both him, and the Process Communication Model to anyone looking to improve how their team communicates and works together.

Audi Alto Artamon

Vaughan Blackman
General Manager

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Webster & Co. Our company commenced Process Communication Model training with Webster & Co. in 2014. Since then we have had over 40 of our senior management and front line executives complete the PCM courses. This has included, Dealer Principals, General Managers, Service and Sales Managers, Financial Controllers, and Sales Executives.

We have a further 30 plus attendees booked into PCM sessions into mid-2017.

The PCM course has provided significant benefits to the individuals that partake, and the people they work with. Benefits we have seen from a large number of our team complete the course are.
  • Improved levels of communication within the business
  • Better understanding of self (own behavior & others)
  • Increased ability to manage relationships outside of work
  • Ability to resolve conflicts with more skill and aptitude
  • Greater customer satisfaction from better equipped staff
  • Greater employee engagement and less miscommunication
The Webster & Co. training delivery method is well thought out and executed. I believe their process offers superior delivery of content when compared to other training companies. Their personal attention to the needs of the attendees and the business objectives is another area that sets them apart.

Manager that have attended the courses have all cited very strongly the appreciation from a business and personal level of this training.

Having completed both PCM1 and PCM2 I can attest to the personal and business benefits of PCM through Webster & Co.


Dr. Terry McGuire
Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Space Flight (retired)

PCM, both within NASA and within daily activities, has become for me like McGyver’s Swiss army knife, always with me and endlessly useful.

East York Collegiate Institute

Joanne Draper

The Process Communication Model seminar is the best I have ever had to help me manage. I think it should be mandatory and would be extremely useful for principals and vice-presidents.

Emmanuelle Château
PCM Certified Trainer

It all started with a simple question: during my annual review, my manager pointed out that he didn’t know how to motivate me. He simply asked me the question and I then realized I didn’t know how to answer. My job was perfect, I was dedicated to it and achieved great results, but I was indeed increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied for months without knowing exactly why. Things that worked with others, like giving regular and sincere feedback on the quality of my work, just didn’t seem to have any impact on me. Although I was myself an experienced marketing manager, that sounded like a revelation: I had to find an answer and I found it in Process Communication. Taibi Kahler’s model has opened much more to me than just understanding better the keys to my motivation and a positive alternative to my frustration and negative behaviors. Its positive ethics helps me focusing my energy on my strengths rather than on my stress, on others’ qualities rather than losing time criticizing (others and… myself!), on the message rather than on the process. My relationships have become much more simple and effective! As a professional trainer today and thanks to my trainees reactions and feedback, I experience on a daily basis the simplicity and amazing relevance of the model. And I know I still have much to discover until I master Process Communication Model depth and subtlety. It has changed my life to an extend that only the future will reveal.