• Stress Kills. Don't Let it Get You!

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Jul 27, 2018

    Most people think that stress is something they feel, when really it is a mechanical description of pressure applied to something - pressure is a ‘stressor’. When we experience a stressor, our body responds with a stress reaction and this is what we feel.

  • Yes, the World Championships have Started!

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Jun 24, 2018

    The World Championships Football have started and I already look forward to the inevitable nerve-racking penalty series during the knock-out rounds. Who copes best with pressure? Why do star players sometimes miss out (like Messi in the first match of Argentina) while less talented players score effortlessly? How do you recognize when players no longer think clearly? Clinical Psychologist Taibi Kahler has categorized a number of stress behaviours, which we also see in football.

  • Managing Change With Different Personalities

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Jun 07, 2018

    Most people's response when they hear the word “change” is that of fear and concern. However, as leaders we have the opportunity to approach how we manage change and communicate in ways that get us better results.

  • Navigate "Next" with Process

    Posted in PCM Social Media on May 04, 2018

    “Next” is where it’s at. It’s where relationships have the capacity to grow. Hundreds of opportunities allow us to use “next” each day. Here’s how we do it using PCM.

  • Gin de Binche

    Posted in PCM Social Media on May 03, 2018

    “I successfully created my new venture thanks to the Process Communication Model®(PCM)!” It is with these words that Jérôme Urbain explains how he went from a creative idea to a successful startup and how PCM helped make Gin de Binche (Orange Gin) a reality.

  • Decrypt the Human Black Box

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Apr 11, 2018

    How the discovery of Taibi Kahler’s Drivers can give us deep insights about the Human Black Box by simply observing behavior and how to make use of these behaviors to get insights into the human personality so that we can decrypt the Human Black Box.

  • How Adaptive Communication Skills Prevent Start-up Failure

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Mar 14, 2018

    A recent survey explored the many reasons new ventures grind to a halt and found that "Not the right team" was third after "No marked need" and "Ran out of cash." How can the Process Communication Model® help you build the dream team you need to succeed?

  • From Team Building to Corporate Performance - With PCM!

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Mar 01, 2018

    Have you ever experienced how challenging it can be to make people in a large corporation understand each other, and work efficiently together towards a common goal? Different cultures and languages can be additional barriers. How can we handle this in practice? The common ground is to understand and respect the differences. Many large corporations have understood this, using the Process Communication Model® (PCM) as their “swiss knife” for creating positive communication and avoiding conflict and misunderstanding.

  • Small Details Shaping the Big Picture: PCM and Social Network Analysis by Zoltán Csigás

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Jan 02, 2018

    A few years ago, a client of mine who is a leader of a mid-sized financial services company, approached me with their challenges around cooperation between the departments and a level of engagement that was perceived to be not-so healthy for the business. The leadership team was interested in a deeper understanding of the situation, especially as they had some reorganizations in the past and some practical ideas that could serve as a foundation for a solution as well.

  • PCM Article in Training Magazine

    Posted in PCM Social Media on Dec 14, 2017

    Ryan Donlan, Ed.D. and Eric Hampton, Ph.D. from Indiana State University and Nate Regier, Ph.D. from Next Element Consulting published an article in the November/December 2017 issue of Training Magazine titled **Effects of Process Communication Model (PCM) Training**. The article details the positive changes in individual and team performance related to PCM training from a global study.