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The Art of Adaptive Communication Book Cover

The Art of Adaptive Communication

Gerard Collignon

Published September, 2017
232 Pages
$19.99 Softcover, $29.99 Hardcover

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Why is it that some people just seem to click? How can I make myself understood by someone who’s not on the same wavelength? How can I get my message across? Knowing how to adapt our communication to understand and make ourselves understood is essential to our relationships with others. This book will teach you adaptive communication skills that help you build positive personal connections with anyone. The Process Communication Model® tools presented in this book offer valuable help to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. The Six Personality Types, which is the key concept behind Process Communication Model, help us to understand why we are not all “wired” the same way and avoid situations of miscommunication.

Discover Process Communication Book Cover

Discover The Process Communication Model

Jérôme Lefeuvre

136 Pages: $19.99 Softcover, $29.99 Hardcover, $7.99 E-Book

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How do misunderstandings begin and how to avoid them? What are our essential needs? Can one really change the course of things written? Is it possible to develop new behavioral skills as an adult? As a manager, parent, friend, what can I improve in every day relationship? These questions find answers in Process Communication, both an amazing communication tool and a powerful model to understand one's personality and others better.

Understand to be Understood Book Cover

Understand to be Understood

Gerard Collignon and Pascal Legrand

302 Pages: $19.99 Softcover, $29.99 Hardcover, $3.99 e-book from

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Kahler Communications is proud to announce our new US Edition of "Parlez-vous Personality?". Successful coaching relies upon a well-developed capacity for active listening and the ability to speak the 'language' the client is most open to. Each personality type has a specific way of formulating thoughts and feelings into sentences and this language is as important to them as their own native tongue. Process Communication stands out among the coach's resources to accomplish his/her mission, by providing the keys to understanding and speaking these unique and individualized styles of communication. You will know how to listen and how to be heard.

Communication: The Key To Effective Leadership Book Cover

The Key To Effective Leadership

Judith Ann Pauley and Joseph F. Pauley

112 Pages: $36.98 Paperback, $32.00 Kindle

You are a leader. Your board of directors expects you to lead the company or organization to increased performance and profitability. You have a vision of where you want to go and how you want to get there. The task now is to get your employees to see your vision and to march with you in lock step to accomplish it. To succeed, you must get them to want to follow you. To do that, you must be able to communicate your vision clearly and concisely so that everyone sees the vision and sees how accomplishing it is to their advantage. The purpose of this book is to help you communicate more effectively so that you can motivate every employee to want to carry out your vision. Chapters address the following: Everyone Is A Leader To Someone; Organizing the Team; Establishing Trust; Inspiring Confidence; Interaction Styles; Getting Buy-In; Developing Your Team; Getting Results; Followers In Distress; Leaders In Distress

The Process Therapy Model Book Cover

The Process Therapy Model —
The Six Personality Types With Adaptations

Taibi Kahler, Ph.D.

285 Pages: $19.00 + tax, shipping and handling
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This is a handbook on the anatomy of personality that therapists and non-therapists alike will find to be an invaluable aid to effective communication and positive change. Because it is grounded in process, clinicians can use Dr. Kahler's Process Therapy Model in conjunction with the therapeutic or counseling approach they otherwise prefer.

Here's How To Reach Me Book Cover

Here's How To Reach Me
Matching Instruction to Personality Types in Your Classroom

Judith A. Pauley, Ph.D., Dianne F. Bradley, Ph.D., Joseph F. Pauley

240 Pages: $29.93 Paperback

Teachers in today's diverse schools need a new kind of guidebook for classroom management — one that teaches them how to understand each of their students' personalities. In this book, they'll find what thousands of teachers nationwide have already learned from the authors' seminars on process communication: that once teachers identify a student's primary personality type (reactor, workaholic, persister, dreamer, rebel, or promoter), they'll know the secret to instructing and interacting with that student. In-service and preservice educators will be engaged by

  • narratives that illuminate each personality type
  • real-life examples of positive interactions between teachers and students with different personality types
  • ideas for blending process communication with existing approaches in all types of classrooms
  • forms that help pinpoint a student's personality structure, motivational needs, and strengths and challenges
  • logs to track the success of intervention strategies

With this easy-to-use guidebook, adapted from the concepts in Dr. Taibi Kahler's best-selling The Mastery of Management, educators will build better relationships with all students and keep the classroom focus where it belongs — on learning.

If You Want Them To Listen Book Cover

If You Want Them To Listen, Talk Their Langauge

Elisabeth Feuersenger and Andrea Naef

NZ$48.50 (approx US$32.50) from Kahler Communications Oceania

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As a leader, team member, or parent, it’s not enough for people to just hear you, they also have to listen and understand. If you are to avoid misunderstanding and conflict, and for others to always be motivated and happy, you have to be able to individualise your communication.
This book explains the concepts of ‘Process Communication Model®’ and how the skills to observe and decode others’ behaviour will allow you to form and maintain relationships based on constructive communication.
Second Edition, August 2015
First Published, November 2011